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Steps to Protect your Technology Products

Published by in General · 9/10/2012 08:57:30

We urge all users of laptops and smartphones to take extra precautions as instances of theft are on the rise. The risk of loss associated with identity theft is just too great, and technology users must be extra careful.  The following  suggestions will be helpful for anyone owning a laptop, smartphone or both.

1. If you rely heavily on the use of your smartphone, always be cognizant of your surroundings and aware of everything going on around you. Smartphone theft, particularly I-Phone theft, has risen drastically in the past few months. Especially on mass transit systems, thieves are praying on people to be texting and not paying attention; making it easier for criminals to snatch your phone and take off.

2. Never do online banking transactions on unsecure networks or where others can easily read your information over your shoulder.

3. Report all instances of theft to law enforcement immediately to help ensure safe return and recovery of your stolen property.

4. Never leave a laptop or smartphone unattended in an airport or crowded public area. Walking away for just a second is not smart as criminals can seize your property on a moment's notice.

5. Back up all of your important documents and files just in case.

6. Carry your laptop with you if doing research in a library. Thefts of laptops in university settings are on the rise as unsuspecting students abandon their workspace in search of reference materials.

7. Always lock your car if you plan to leave your computer or phone inside while you shop or visit a restaurant. Thieves often break into cars if they see a laptop on the seat. Make sure it is hidden from plain view.

8. Never store sensitive identity-related information on your computer. If you can avoid it, do not store such information on your smartphone either. One swipe by a criminal and you will compromise your identity and credit. Victims have spent months and even years correcting these problems.
9. Always choose unique and non-guessable passwords for all your internet sites and private files. Even better, password-protect your laptop as well. While many criminals are able to circumvent these types of password protections, some are not so savvy and you might save yourself much hassle.

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