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Practical Tips for Secure Transactions on the Internet

Published by in General · 13/9/2012 10:17:56

With more people shopping on line and having more time on their hands, holiday periods have become a dangerous period for Internet users, as cyber crooks noticable step up their activites during these periods.  That's why it is wise to stay on the alert and take adequate security measures.  Otherwise, users will have their bank and credit cards raided by criminals on the web.

* Check the Security Characteristics
of the page on which you are about to operate (secure protocol, security certification).

* Make sure there are no active viruses
on your PC before you bank or shop online.

* Complement your traditional antivirus with proactive technologie
s that detect treaths with no need to update.

* Use 'second opinion' tools
to make sure there isno active malware on your computer.

* Never pay attention to spam messages
that claim to come from financial organisations requesting confidential data.

* Before buying from an online store look for feedback
about the reputation of the vendor.

* Keep your operating system and applications up-to-date

* Don't run files from dubious sources

* Never pay for anything
unless you are completely sure about the vendor.

* If bidding for an item on an auction site, beware of anyone who contacts you
through any chanel other than the auction site.

* Never send confidential data via e-mai

* Trust your instinct
- the appearance of a web site is often a good indication that ii is not secure.

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