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By implementing VoIP as a replacement for traditional telephony services, businesses will quickly benefit from a reduction in their overall operational costs. Potential savings will vary from business to business but a quick estimate can be derived through considering the following points:

  • All of our VoIP Calls are billed by a fixed monthly charge and have no connection charges like traditional phone calls

  • VoIP calls between company phone extensions are free. Any worker with a connection to the internet can have a company phone extension e.g. mobile worker and remote offices

  • VoIP call charges are fixed and are always cheaper than traditional phone charges

  • Multiple inbound virtual numbers can be configured over a single internet connection, therefore allowing a business to reduce the number of traditional phone lines required to operate the telephone service

  • IP Phones operate over ethernet networks and therefore new phones can be added to the existing corporate lan without the need to add specialised telephony points

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